Waiter Races

Welcome to the Inaugural Eau Gallie Arts District’s Waiter Races on April 18, 2020!

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The deadline for all registrations is Friday, March 20. No exceptions.

If you wish to ENTER THE RACE, learn about SPONSORSHIP, be a STREET VENDOR or submit your request to PERFORM (for free) in the band shell, select the box below that pertains to you. Choose the box that speaks to you.

A Waiter Race, or “Course de Garçons de Café,” is a race that tests the speed at which a waiter can carry a loaded tray without tipping any of its contents.  This race has origins in France in the 1930’s to elevate the hospitality industry as a profession. 


Servers from local restaurants will compete for cash prizes in a test of speed and balance. Dressed in traditional Parisian black-and-white uniforms, servers will carry trays with bottled water and glasses with the goal of making it down Highland Avenue while avoiding spillage—or dropping their tray completely.  The first to cross the finish line with the best time and most complete trays will be declared the winners. First, second and third place servers in both men's and women’s divisions will receive $500, $250 and $100 prizes, respectively. 

The Waiter Races on Highland Avenue will have something for everyone—food and beverages for sale, a veritable smorgasbord of entertainment in the band shell, vintage car show, vendors and much more fun for all ages. This is free and open to the public, but volunteer contributions ensure its success and sustainability.


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Put your wait staff in head to head competition with your other restaurants to compete for prize money for the racer and the winner’s silver trophy for the restaurant.


Challenge your friends in the hospitality industry to the battle for bragging rights.


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solo or the team

Street festivals require many boots on the ground. If you want to experience the mayhem behind the scenes in an important role, please visit all about it. Let’s talk!




To create the feel of an active boulevard, we need your talents in the Eau Gallie Square bandshell. Can you entertain people for 20 minutes or so for free? Click the box to learn more.

be a food or merch vendor

There must be food! If you are a restaurant that would like to host your own booth (using your branded tent and supplies), join us! If you sell interesting merchandise, sell your wares. Merch must be approved.





Please contact us with any questions, clarifications, discussion about all things Waiter Races!

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